When you think of development in Africa, 3 things come to mind (a) lack of transportation infrastructure  (b) lack of power distribution infrastructure (c) lack of adequate telecommunication infrastructure . Most development programs are designed and implementated with these limitations in mind. As a result, Africa is deprived of access to the technologies that could improve the quality of life of the Africans.

We now have the technologies to overcome these limitations. The main reason these technologies are not being applied is that nobody has actually prototyed them to show their effectiveness in the African context. We hope to change this, and thus set a new direction for the future of Africa.

We have identified a set of problems whose solutions could transform Africa.  Starting in January 2016, we are going to start prototyping these solutions.


The initial projects fall into these categories:


We are looking for Sponsors or donations to make this possible. We are also looking for donations to support those who are building the prototypes. You can make your donations here